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Welcome to Dr. Erin & Soulciété Podcast...
Dr. Erin is a Doctor of Divinity, Founder and TV Host of Good Morning LaLa Land & Soulciété

Soulciété - The Shift. The Tribe. The Movement.

Soulciété mission is to be the #1 Spiritual Leaders community in the world committed to enlightenment, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to awaken a billion people globally through our divine connection. How we do this is by coming together daily to know the truth, live on spiritual principle, align with Universal Law, and create impactful conscious businesses.

We bring people together online and offline via Soulciété Events, Soulciété Session calls, Soulciété Circles, Online Members Area, Soulciété Masterminds, and Exclusive Private Groups.

Soulciété believes that when someone awakens they have a gift and a message to bring to the world. We are awakening the world together!

This podcast includes: Daily Inspiration, Daily Universal Law, Daily Challenge, and Daily Spiritual Practice. We discuss such things as Law of Attraction, Meditation, Visioning, Intuition, Affirmations, Life Purpose, Masterclass, Mastermind, Leadership, Soul Entrepreneurship, Self Development, Spirituality, Manifestation, Transformation, Intention setting, Goals, Inspirational Stories, and much more.

Live Your Truth,

Dr. Erin

Dr. Erin | Doctor of Divinity | Founder and TV Host Good Morning LaLa Land & Soulciété | New Thought Minister | Global Speaker | International Bestselling Author

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