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A handy tool to help end corruption. Get the latest news, links, videos and tips to help you improve your life and improve the world around you. Each individual deserves the same rights and protections as any other individual. By understanding how your public policy feedback process works, you can improve the quality of your life, and the world around you. This App will help you with that.

Welcome to Corruption Disruption (tm)

Things to try:
- Check out the LINKS button for action items and information you can use right now.
- Try the UPDATES button to call an updated recording detailing what is happening in Congress right now
- See the DATES button to see the current schedule for Congress and see what bills you might need to add input on
- At the FAQ button, you will find the latest, and most often asked, current user questions with their answers
- Try the VIDEO button to see videos on hot public policy topics
- Visit the TWEETS button(s) to see some of the most popular updates
- For an often strange and amusing look at the latest public policy memes in online news and blogs check out the MEMES button
- Never get all of your news from just one source. Try NEWS1, NEWS2, NEWS3... etc.. for breaking policy news
- To get even more hands-on, go to anti-corruption school, on-line, via the SCHOOL button
Much More...

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