Hi and welcome to the Armed Forces' Christian Union (AFCU) App.
We are a fellowship of Christians serving in or with links to the UK armed services and exist to support Christians who are on active duty, married to or working with the British military. We also support efforts to spread the Good News of Jesus throughout Her Majesty's Armed Forces.
We do this by providing a bastion of prayer support for serving members; taking time out together; producing up to date and relevant resources; and by making personal visits wherever our serving members are permanently based.
This App is the definitive way to keep in touch with what is going on in the AFCU. You can now stay up-to-date anywhere in the world, on ops or exercise via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. What's more, with 24/7 prayer support at your fingertips you will never be on a ‘wing and a prayer’ alone again.
Packed with all our resources, you can keep yourself spiritually fed whether at home or in a HESCO shelter and now that our events’ booking system links straight into your phone's diary you'll never miss you favorite AFCU weekend away again.
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An internet connection is required to make full use of this App.

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