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The Best Trout Fishing Tool For the Denver Area Invented Since the Rod.
Location, Location, Location. Get more from your smartphone and find more trout! Every public waterway has GPS coordinates listed for the upstream and downstream bounds of the public sections. So you will always know if you are fishing in a legal location to fish.
Front Range Trout gives anglers a step-by-step path to intelligently fish the Colorado Front Range waters of the South Platte watershed (Cache La Poudre River, Big Thompson River, St. Vrain Creek, Boulder Creek, Clear Creek, and main South Platte River watersheds). This app provides hundreds of waters and hyperlinked locations of trout destinations at your fingertips. Click on the hyperlinked locations for step-by-step driving directions to these previously unknown locations.
Whether you are new to the area, visiting Denver for a conference (and have a few hours to fish!), or have been fishing the area your entire life, this digital application will help you make important choices about where and how to fish Colorado Front Range drainages.
This app includes a full hatch chart for the drainages of the Front Range. This hatch chart includes the names of the fly patterns that mimic the invertebrates listed on the chart. Even if you do not see any invertebrates (bugs) flying or crawling around, the hatch chart will tell you what the fish are “keying in on” at this time of year. The app also gives detailed recommendations on fly patterns and sizes to fish for individual sites based on experience.

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